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An updated U.S. Clean Air Act is needed to better prepare ourselves for the problems and opportunities of a 21st century world.

The draft “Clean Air Act Reauthorization of 2017” removes 50-75% of the complexities and redundancies in the current Act while broadening the Act to expressly address climate change and the synergistic opportunities in a multi-pollutant approach.

The primary goals of the “Clean Air Act Reauthorization of 2017” are to:

  • Simplify and remove the need for approximately 50-75% of the current Clean Air Act
  • Create a comprehensive multi-pollutant approach to addressing air quality and climate change concerns
  • Realign responsibility and authority under the Act to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of International, Federal, State, and Local control efforts; and
  • Modernize and simplify the Act to make it more transparent and easier to implement and enforce.

For a summary of the “Clean Air Act Reauthorization of 2017”, click here.

For the actual draft legislative text of the “Clean Air Act Reauthorization of 2017”, click here.


  1. Lee Gilmer permalink

    I am in total agreement that the Clean Air Act needs to be simplified. Under the current CAA, way too many resources are spent on compliance that do absolutely nothing to improve air quality.
    Lee K. Gilmer
    Retired Texaco & Shell (American Petroleum Institute) Senior Air Quality Engineer Research Associate.


    • Thanks Lee for your comment. It is especially powerful coming from someone who clearly has significant experience and expertise in the direct day-to-day workings of the Clean Air Act. Again, thank you for sharing. – Jed


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