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The Goal of the Current Clean Air Act is Mediocrity. The Goal of My New Act . . . Perfection.

December 29, 2017

The goal of the current Clean Air Act of 1970-1990 is mediocrity.  The purpose is to find a “safe” level of pollution using an increasing amount of regulations.  Mediocrity.  Like a student setting a goal of getting a “C”.

lombardi2The goal of my re-write of the Clean Air Act is to end pollution and environmental law.  The goal is to get an “A”.  And even if we miss the mark and end up with a “B” . . . it’s better than a “C”.

My draft re-write puts the United States on a glide-path to ending both pollution and environmental law.  No more focus on arguing about what is or is not a safe level of pollution.  No more focus on arguing about more regulations vs. less regulations.  Just focus on ending them both.  True freedom.  The draft re-write will be unveiled on January 1st.  Stay tuned.

For more information,

old vs new clean air act

Clean Air and Climate Change Act of 2018

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