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“Artificial Intelligence” and the Clean Air Act

December 13, 2017
The simplified Clean Air Act of 2018 will unleash the power of advancements in new sensoring technology, big data, and artificial intelligence–creating astounding new economic and environmental opportunities in the United States.

Here is a previous article I wrote about industrial “upsets”.  Now imagine this new Clean Air Act re-write was adopted and all emissions were treated the same.  Industry paid per pound of pollutant regardless of the cause.   Industry would then be fully incentivized to minimize emissions–and the smart ones of course would artificial intelligence9look for ways to get ahead of the competition.  Check out this short demo and slide on a new artificial intelligence system created by Flutura that predicts when equipment will fail.  The system learns from itself and then tells the operator when the equipment will fail, how it will fail, and what needs to be done to prevent the failure.  Mind blowing isn’t it?  Imagine if we simplified the Clean Air Act and artificial intelligence 8incentivized the use of technologies such as this to reduce emission events?

Amazing how quickly the world is advancing.  The new simplified Clean Air Act of 2018 will unbridle and incentivize the power of technological advancements to move us closer to a world where there is no pollution and companies have true operational freedom to make  better and more affordable products for us to use and enjoy.  What an incredible world it will be.

The draft Clean Air Act of 2018 will be unveiled on January 1st.

For more information, visit

Clean Air and Climate Change Act of 2018


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