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Trump out of Paris . . . but Interested in a Bigger and Better Deal . . . And here it is

June 1, 2017

Here it is President Trump.  And it’s even better than the Paris accord.

It’s called “AGAPE:  The Accord on Global Air Pollution and the Environment”.

It’s a multi-pollutant agreement.

It’s not just about climate.  The U.S. is being impacted by traditional pollutant impacts blowing in from other parts of the world–which is requiring us to put more controls on our own domestic sources.  Not a fair situation.  Not an effective way to deal with the problem.  Need a global multi-pollutant agreement that realizes the synergies of dealing with all this at the same time, holistically.  And one that truly and fairly apportions costs and responsibilities for these interrelated problems.

It’s become “a small multi-pollutant world after all.”  Time for a new, bigger and better deal.

Agape and global

I’ve incorporated this new international agreement with a domestic program so that it should all work more simply and seamlessly.  The new Clean Air Act re-authorization reduces the need for approximately 75% of the current Clean Air Act.

For a summary of the “Clean Air Act Reauthorization of 2017”, click here.

For the actual draft legislative text of the “Clean Air Act Reauthorization of 2017”, click here.

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