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Einstein’s 3 Rules of Work and the Clean Air Act

November 3, 2015

Einstein and the Clean Air ActAs Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.  So how might Einstein approach the Clean Power Plan, New Ozone Standard, and other challenges we face under the Clean Air Act?  Easy to find.  Here are Einstein’s 3 rules of work:

  1. “Out of clutter, find simplicity.
  2. From discord, find harmony.
  3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”—Albert Einstein (his three rules of work)

Anyone want to try applying his 3 rules to the Clean Air Act?  Does anyone else feel almost giddy when they think about the environmental and economic opportunities that could be realized?

What an incredible world we live in.  What an incredible journey we are on.  All will be well.

The world is changing.  We must change with it.  Time to simplify and transform the Clean Air Act to better prepare ourselves for the problems and opportunities of a 21st century world (ex. “The Clean Air and Climate Change Act of 2015”).  We can make it happen.

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