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2 Weeks to New Ozone Standard

September 14, 2015

New Ozone StandardThe new ozone standard in 2 weeks won’t be 70 ppb–or 65 ppb.  That’s just a number for people who don’t understand how the NAAQS/SIP process works.

I wish I could explain this in some way that someone else other than me could understand it:

The real-world NAAQS will depend on where you live and what exceptions EPA has granted for wildfire pollution, foreign pollution, dust storm pollution, etc.   Once this pollution is appropriately exempted, then no one is responsible for the pollution even though it is impacting our lungs (see 42 USC §§ 7509a and 7619).  Essentially what happens is that the NAAQS is just adjusted upwards.

Someday someone else will figure this out other than me.  It’s got little to do with me.  That’s just how truth works.  Always pushing toward the light.

The world is changing.  We must change with it.  Time to transform the Clean Air Act to better prepare ourselves for the problems and opportunities of a 21st century world (ex. “The Clean Air and Climate Change Act of 2015”).  We can make it happen.

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