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Who should pay for foreign pollution?

August 13, 2014

Foreign Pollution and Cost

Here is what the public and almost everyone thinks:

“States are requiring people to just reduce their own pollution at this time—but as the U.S. approaches background ozone levels, foreign pollution will make it harder for States to achieve attainment.”

Here is the truth :

“States are already requiring people to reduce foreign pollution impacts—to the tune of billions of dollars—and as the U.S. approaches background levels, States will need to implement even more domestic emission controls to offset foreign pollution and achieve attainment.” 

For  some reason the public and almost everyone thinks that States are just requiring domestic pollution reductions at this time.  This is not true.  If the air quality management system were based on emissions—yes it would be true that we are only requiring domestic pollution reductions.  But it’s not.  The SIP system is based on pollution levels—not emissions levels.  States are reducing foreign pollution impacts as well as domestic pollution in order to demonstrate attainment via the SIP process.

Time to tell the truth.  The truth never hurt a cause that is just.  Truth in the end always cures.  Time to let our light shine on this truth.

——–“Light unshared is darkness.”—George MacDonald

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