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Great Quotes About the Current State of the Clean Air Act

May 20, 2014

Clean Air Act is Now Stupid

Refreshingly honest quotes about the current state of the Clean Air Act–especially after the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Homer City:

—-“The Court helped out a stupid statute, but we still have a stupid statute.”—David Schoenbrod

—-“The Court really had to ‘shoehorn’ this result into this antique statute.”—David Schoenbrod

—-“The Clean Air Act as it was enacted in 1970 is no good whatsoever with dealing with pollutants that go across State lines.“—David Schoenbrod

—-“It [the Clean Air Act] was designed with the thought in mind that most pollution that we breathe in comes from sources in our State.  Therefore, Congress could tell the States to clean up their acts and everything would be fine.  The problem is today the vast bulk of pollution comes from many, many hundreds, if not thousands of miles away, so it’s really a national problem.  So it’s kind of nuts to have the Federal Government telling the States to regulate pollution.”—David Schoenbrod

—-“We ought to be able to go further, but we can’t because the statute is stupid.”—David Schoenbrod

The world is changing.  We must change with it.  Time to transform the Clean Air Act.  We can make it happen.

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