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The Story of How the Clean Air Act was Opened

April 9, 2014

Opening the Clean Air Act

Linda walked up to a door.  On the door were written the words,  “Clean Air Act”.  Linda tried to open the door.  But the door was locked.

Nathan arrived at the door.  Seeing Linda standing there, Nathan asked, “Is the door locked?”.  Linda replied, “Yes!”. . .  “Oh,” Nathan dejectedly replied—deciding not to try the door for himself based on what he had been told.

Steven then showed up.  Assuming that Linda and Nathan wouldn’t be standing there if the door was open—Steven didn’t even ask if the door was unlocked, but just took a position at the back of the line.

Years went by.  Hundreds of people arrived.  At some point the door was unlocked from the inside, but no one heard the latch being turned over the din of discussion that arose on how to get into the room without opening the door.  Each person arriving at the door just assumed that the door was locked, and that if the crowd hadn’t opened the door, they wouldn’t be able to open the door either.

Finally Mary arrived.  Pressing her way through the crowd Mary asked, “Hey, has anyone tried to open the door in a while?”  Mary then knocked three times, turned the knob,  . . . and walked through the doorway.


The world is changing.  We must change with it.  Time to transform the SIP process.  We can make it happen.

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