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California Fined for Foreign Pollution

October 25, 2013

California Citizens Paying Fine for Foreign PollutionMost of the time in our society we do not penalize someone until they are found guilty.  Here it is the opposite.  The Clean Air Act says to the local community that you didn’t achieve the standard and it’s your fault (Section 185).  It’s then up to the community to prove otherwise.  In the meantime you will be fined $29 million per year.

Will the Valley return part or all of the $29 million per year in Section 185 fees to its citizens once they prove that failing to achieve attainment was not entirely local citizen’s fault (e.g. Section 179B) (see article)?  I assume the Valley will since this is the right thing to do.  Can’t keep people’s money when it shouldn’t have been taken in the first place.

Is anyone else seeing that this law is unjust and unfair?  Anyone else feeling that we have a duty to try to do what is right and change this law—even if we feel that we are too small and weak to climb this mountain?

“It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.” —Thoreau

We do not need to get good laws to restrain bad people. We need to get good people to restrain us from bad laws.”—G.K. Chesterton

The world is changing.  We must change with it.  Time to transform the SIP process.  We can make it happen.

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