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Fingerpointing and the Clean Air Act

July 23, 2013

Fingerpointing and the Clean Air ActThe goal now seems to be what State can do the best finger-pointing (see article below).  “It wasn’t my pollution . . . it was hers!”

When my kids point fingers at each other after I ask them who threw the grape from the back of the mini-van I tell them, “I don’t care who threw it . . . stop it and take responsibility for your own actions.”  We can’t use this approach however when it comes to cleaning the air.  Unfortunately we have a law that requires States to not only take responsibility for their own actions—but to prove that their brother threw the grape.

State’s should not need to spend their time and resources proving the trajectory of the grape, the mass of the grape, the location of where their siblings were seated, and the propensity of a given sibling to throwing things.

Time to align responsibility and authority.  Time to transform the SIP process so we don’t need to spend our time and resources finger-pointing.  We can make it happen.

Clean Air Report – 07/18/2013

3rd Circuit Ruling Could Boost Petitions Asking EPA To Curb Air Transport 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 

A recent unanimous U.S. Court     of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit ruling upholding EPA’s power to grant     “good neighbor” petitions from one state to impose emissions cuts     in a neighboring state may boost early efforts by downwind state and local     governments to use the petitions to tackle air pollution transported from upwind states.

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