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San Joaquin Releases Annual Report–Calls for Improvements to Clean Air Act

May 13, 2013

San JoaquinBravo!  Bravo!  Bravo! (see Annual Report).  Here are a few highlights from the annual report.

“[W]e have reached a point where failure to take administrative and legislative action to update the Clean Air Act is leading to the following:

1.     Chaotic and confusing transition to new standards

2.     Standards and deadlines that are impossible to meet

3.     Costly litigation leading to delays and confusion

4.     Enormous administrative costs to state and local governments without any corresponding benefit to air quality

5.     Enormous red-tape costs to businesses and individuals without any corresponding benefit to air quality

“The antiquated provisions of the Clean Air Act are now leading to confusion, and lack of an updated congressional directive has rendered courts as policy makers.”

“Our experience shows that many well-intentioned provisions are leading to unintended adverse consequences.”

“District Seeks Common-sense Changes to the Federal Clean Air Act”

Thanks San Joaquin for your courage and leadership to help lead our nation in a new and even better direction!!!

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