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What’s Needed to Improve the Clean Air Act?

April 9, 2013

We don’t need more power and influence to improve the Clean Air Act—just more love.  This is not mushy sentiment.  This is practical business-like advice.  I will explain.

“Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, does not complain about impossibility, for it thinks all things lawful for itself, and all things possible.  It is therefore able to undertake all things and complete many of them and cause them to take effect—where the person who does not love would faint and give up.”  –Thomas a’Kempis

Many people have fainted and given up—or not started.  Many others like myself have faltered.  What’s needed to overcome this is not more power and influence, but as explained above, more love.  And this is quite easy to get.  I’ve read the only thing we need to do is ask for it.

Time to transform the SIP process.  We can make it happen.

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