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Consensus on Updating the Clean Air Act

April 4, 2013

waldo1How do we get consensus on how to update the Clean Air Act?  Quite easy.  Just a matter of personally searching for the truth as best we can see it.  I will explain.

Our objective on every issue should be to search beyond ourselves for the truth in a particular issue as best we can see it.   The harder we seek this truth for ourselves in everything, the closer we will eventually get to the same or similar solution since we are all seeking the same thing—the truth.  Anyone remember “Where’s Waldo”?  The reason we found him is we were all looking for the same thing.  Eventually there was consensus on where Waldo was.  What if the game though was called “Where’s Consensus”?  I think we would still be looking for Consensus.

Each of us is designed to find Waldo.  The more we search for the truth in any particular issue the more we realize we are looking for the same thing and the closer we get to finding the same thing.  And that same thing we will one day find will just be wonderful. . . . It’s the truth.


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