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Hockey, Gordon Lightfoot, and Now SIP Reform!!!

February 14, 2013

canada3Three great things to come out of Canada.  The first two will not surprise you . . . but the third one sure will!  That’s right!  Canada has reformed the SIP process!!!

Just a few short months ago Canada reached a historic agreement entering into a new era in air quality management.  The new Canadian system is called the “Canadian Air Quality Management System” (AQMS) (see below and link).  One of the significant features of the new system is that it “zeros-out” transboundary air pollution blowing into a province from another country or from another province.  That’s right!  Under Canada’s new system–unlike the current U.S. system–the provinces are now just responsible for pollution they can control!!!

Wow!!!  I am blown away!!!

You lost my respect a little bit Canada by subjecting us to years of “Bieber Fever” . . . but you’ve earned it back!!!  Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo!  I hope the United States can catch up to you now, or even better, do you even one better!



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