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Santa Preparing Clean Air Act Plan

December 10, 2012

North Pole pollution levels are apparently being measured 8 times higher than the NAAQS (see article).   Wait until we tell Santa he needs to prepare a SIP! 

Here is a top ten list of control measures we might see in Santa’s State Implementation Plan:

Top 10 List of Control Measures in Santa’s SIP

10 .  Replace controls on coal-fired plants powering elve’s workshops with ultra-low NOx, SCR, and SRUs.

9.  Christmas every other year

8.  Switch Rudolph’s nose to an LED

7.  Create a synthetic minor by limiting toy throughput

6.  Reduced power take-offs for reindeer and lengthen runways

5.  Require emissions control device on rein deer [the tricky part will be the installation!]

4.  Incentivize elves to work “9-80’s”

3.  Exercise discretionary duty on naughty vs. nice list by increasing the number of naughties—thereby decreasing the number of toys and thereby decreasing associated emissions

2.  Replace Letters to Santa with Section 126 Letters 

1.  No more coal in stockings if you are bad . . . you get natural gas!

Hopefully this conveys the problem of continuing to rely upon the NAAQS/SIP process to efficiently and effectively improve air quality in the United States.  The world is changing.  We must change with it.  Time to transform the SIP process.  We can make it happen.

For more information on the SIP transformation effort, see

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