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United Nation’s Report on Foreign Pollution Impacts

May 7, 2012

Quotes from the United Nation’s 2010 Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution Report:

  •  “As public health-based air quality standards continue to be tightened based on new health effects research, the contribution of intercontinental transport to exceedances of such standards will continue to increase.”
  •  “For North America ground-level O3 concentrations, . . . changes in emissions of O3 precursors outside the region may be as important as changes within the region.”
  • “With changing global future emissions, it is likely that over the next 20 to 40 years it will become even more difficult for nations to meet their own environmental policy objectives without international cooperation to address transboundary and intercontinental flows of air pollution.”
  • “Measurements at some locations on the western coasts of Europe and North America clearly show that trans-oceanic air flows can carry O3 concentrations that approach or exceed some air quality standards or objectives.”
  • “In these regions [North America, Europe, and East Asia] in winter, intercontinental transport of O3 may exceed local and regional production.”
  • “The sum of the health impacts of transported pollution in downwind foreign regions can be larger than the health impacts of emissions in the source region itself.”

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