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How can I believe that You and I are Capable of Transforming the SIP Process?

May 1, 2012

Apparently some folks are asking this question and I thought I would answer it. How can I believe that you and I are capable of transforming the SIP process? Am I crazy? Am I that arrogant? Am I that naïve? At least as far as I go I’ve got no power, authority, or position. I am a relative nobody—with considerable human shortfalls and frailties. All true. Yet I still believe that you and I can transform the SIP process. How? Here is my rationale:

  1. In God all things are possible.
  2. God works through humanity.

If I believed that you or I could transform the SIP process based on a belief in myself I indeed would be crazy, arrogant, and naïve—but this is not the reason. The reason is that I believe that in God all things are possible and that God has no choice but to work through humanity on this earth. As Antonio Stradivari the famous violin maker once said, “God cannot make Stradivarius violins without Antonio Stradivari.”

I’ve seen people with far less power and authority than you and I do much greater things in this world than transform the SIP process. You and I are beautiful instruments—capable of anything I believe in the hands of the Virtuoso. You might be thinking that I think more highly of your capabilities than you do yourself, but I would hope you would at least consider the above rationale before you dismiss my belief in you as ill-fitted.

I hope this explains to you why I believe that you and I are capable of transforming the SIP process. I’m not sure if or how we will be used, or whether we are being used in a given situation, but to believe that we can’t be used because we are too small would be to place limits on God—which I can’t do. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

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