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Why Shoud You and I Try to Transform the SIP Process?

April 30, 2012

Many people have said to me, “SIP reform is clearly the right thing to do, but it just can’t happen in the current political environment, and therefore, we are better off just figuring out how to make the best of our current situation.”  Below is my response.

People throughout history have taken on much more significant problems, with far less resources, in far more turbulent times, with far more uncertainties, and with much greater peril to themselves.  Thankfully Galileo and Susan B. Anthony didn’t say, “well, I guess I can try to work within the current system”.  If the system works great.  But if it doesn’t work then it needs to be changed.  It’s that simple.  It’s not a big deal.  Nothing to be afraid of—even if we need to make a fundamental change.  I think everyone would agree that in retrospect it’s been a good thing that we no longer hold on to the central tenet that the sun travels around the earth.

Transforming the SIP process will relatively be a piece of cake.  Only question on whether to proceed or not should be “is this the right thing to do”.   After that its only about courage and faith.

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